8-12 September 2014

This week’s Essential Question: What was the French and Indian War, and how did it set the stage for the American Revoluation?

Key vocabulary and concepts for this week:

  • militia vs. regular army
  • proxy, proxy war
  • empire
  • fur trade
  • farm land

Key activity & accomplishment for the week: We will have a café conversation on Friday between a Colonial militiaman, a French Canadian irregular fighter, a Native American warrior, and a British Redcoat about their views of the war.

Schedule –

  • Monday: Finish up Lab work from last week; presentations
  • Tuesday: Introduction to the French and Indian War; distribution of materials; creation of a timeline of the war
  • Wednesday – Thursday: Intensive work on characterizations and preparation for the café conversation
  • Friday: Café conversation with notes and evaluations (your presentation will be your “test”)

Monday’s Agenda:

finish work on presentations (15m)

presentations (20 m)

discussion of lessons from doing the presentation (7 m)

overview of work for the week (2 m)

Exit ticket: 3-2-1 about Jamestown and Mass Bay (3 m)

Homework: Look through the section in the workbook on the French and Indian War ( p. 20), prepare vocabulary and take notes on the basic concepts. This will prepare for our week’s work.

Tuesday’s Objective: 1) Students will be able to show that they understand the chronology of the French and Indian War by creating a timeline from the materials provided. 2) Students will learn how to work through larger amounts of information collaboratively through the jig-saw process.

Tuesday’s Agenda:
  • Overview of the French and Indian War (5 m)
  • Discussion of materials and activities (5m)
  • Jig-saw work to create a timeline (25m) – Groups of 3 or 4
  • Review of timelines (5m) these will be the exit ticket
  • Introduction to the Café conversations work (5m)

Tuesday’s homework:
  • Look through the materials packet and begin to think about your character for Friday’s Café conversation.
  • If you did not finish your presentation, please finish it.
  • If you did not finish your introductory letter, please finish it.