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Lab Work for Thursday Oct. 9

Please see the sheet for this unit for our overall goal and objectives. You can get this sheet here, if you lost it:

If you cannot find your timeline sheet - it is here:

And the timeline worksheet is here:

Today you will be conducting research online to get information about the battle or event you think is the most important one for the American Revolution.
  • You will need to look at three (3) different websites or resources and fill out three (3) different note sheets (by hand) using those resources. I will have sheets for you in class.
  • Remember that you need to write down where you got the information about your battle or event (bibliographical information) at the top of the sheet, and then write at least two (2) paragraphs of information from the site that you look at.

You will use this information for constructing your mini-film and for writing your position paper about why this battle or event was especially important.

You may use Wikipedia as one source of information. You cannot start work on the movie portion of the assignment until you have finished this research.

Besides Wikipedia, here is another place to start: click here.

Thank you for being on your best behavior in lab for the sub.

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