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Presidents of the 1920s Lab Project (February 6-7, 2013)

For this exercise you will work in groups of three to explore the presidencies of the three Republican presidents of the 1920s. Each of you in your group should choose one of the three presidents to read about. After you read—taking notes while you read is a good idea!—the three of you will need to [[#|fill out]] Venn Diagrams by hand and then create Glogs along specific lines:

1) Read about your president (click after the president's name to go to at least two sources for information):

Warren G. Harding (resource 1) (resource 2) (resource 3)

Calvin Coolidge (resource 1) (resource 2) (resource 3)

Herbert Hoover (resource 1) (resource 2) (resource 3)

2) [[#|Complete]] the three-way Venn Diagram that I will pass out in class. Each member of your should pass in your own.

3) Decide in your group which of the presidents seemed the best for America in your opinion. After you decide, the one who researched that president will create a "campaign poster" Glog explaining who the president is and why he is the best for the country. The other two will create "negative ad" Glogs explaining why their president was a weaker president. Your Glog should include the following:
  • Title
  • Mini-biography about the president before he became president (approx. 100 to 200 words)
  • Seven (7) most important facts about his presidency (these will be positive or negative, depending on what your team decides)
  • Minimum three (3) images with captions relevant to the president's presidency
  • Mini-bibliography of the sources you used (2 sources minimum)

4) The Campaign Poster Glog should include a brief (approx. 100 to 200 word) argument for why that president is the best of the three. All members of the group should contribute to the essay.

All work is due on Monday, February 11. We will spend two days in lab. If you need more time, you will need to do it in the library before or after school, or at home.

Grading (70 pts total; assessments/projects category):
  • Venn Diagram...10 pts.
  • Glog...50 pts.
  • Brief argument essay...10 pts.

Semester 1 Syllabus:

AY2013, Quarter 2
Readings for Monday, Dec. 17. You will argue the question "Was imperial expansion good for the U.S., and was it therefore justified?"

Anti-Imperialist Reading:

Pro-Imperialism Readings:
Reading #1
Reading #2 (just look at the excerpts, ignore everything else)

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