History Connected Lesson Plan/Multimedia Final Project

Robert A. DeLossa
The Civil Rights Movement in the United States: The Role of the Rule of Law
Lowell Public Schools
July 19, 2010
Social Studies, US History II Grades 11-12

Please click this link for embedded Lesson Plan file (MassOne standard):

Please click this link for embedded Online Source Analysis Sheet that students would use in the second and third days of the lab.


The lesson plan above contains a comprehensive six-day unit for exploring issues of the rule of law as they apply to the Civil Rights struggle of African Americans from the 1840s to the 1960s. In this multi-media lab project, students will utilize two cloud-computing programs (Glogster and VoiceThread) as well as make use of internet research. In my final design, I would have an on-line mini-video supplement and reinforce the teacher discussion that follows the VoiceThread work in day 1.